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What if I told you that yoga practice isn't spiritual? That practicing six days a week doesn't make you a spiritual person? That being more flexible doesn't always equate to better health? What if I told you that ashtanga is no better than any other form of yoga?

Remember this:

Asana is just a tool.

Pranayama is just a tool.

Meditation is just a tool.

Tools help us towards goals, which can be satisfying once completed but any yogi, beginner or long term, knows that happiness does not lay in the next pose, breathing technique or hours totted up on the zafu. Sometimes, actually, they can be anticlimactic.

Tools can offer an insight to the spiritual being that is already in you. You ARE spirituality. To say it lies in a technique just creates separation between people (ah well hello there religion and dogmatic sects with a top down approach).

So is your tool actually working for you to see the greater self within? And how, exactly, are you integrating that awareness into your challenging daily life? Or is your yoga just confined to the mat?

Are you doing dropbacks but still a cunt? Can you touch your toes but ignore the homeless person you pass on the street? Are you "only here for the savasana" as those cliched yogi T-shirts say; just chasing that post exercise endorphin high? Do you practice ashtanga thinking "this form of yoga is the REAL yoga, the others are just lazy, inferior forms"?

The yoga world is full of bullshit and as a teacher I feel the necessity to cut through it with authenticy and plain talk.

The two months spent in Bali with Matthew Sweeney have provided so much food for thought as always...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting him on a pedestal, or anyone else for that matter (we're all human, we all fuck up, no on is your guru except your own heart and good intentions). However, these thoughtsI've outlined have come about in many discussions with Matthew and they push something in me - its an odd mix of relief and being challenged... which like any good relationship to anything or anyone should provide.

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