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This retreat has been created for you to relax in the serene La Catitera (meaning abundance) in the heart of the Alpujarran mountains as the season shifts with the Autumn Equinox and the new moon encouraging us to look inwards.


Surrounded by organic farms, mountains and wildlife, you will find a warm welcome from your hosts and teachers who are keen to share and celebrate life with you as you reconnect with yourself.


We will be offering nourishment for both mind and body: there will be a daily yoga practice from a Senior Yoga Teacher as well as freshly prepared vegan food and discussions on nutrition and herbalism to inspire a strong foundation for a new, positive way of life.


You will have the freedom to manage your free time in an independent way, whether it is relaxing by the pool, reading on a hammock, going on local walks or wandering into the orchard to pick your own fruits.

Yoga, Nutrition and Permaculture Retreat

A time to return to yourself in a nurturing environment through the Autumn Equinox


15th - 22nd September 2020

Alpajarras, Spain

mountains pool

This retreat will involve two daily yoga classes, focusing on practicing the Moon Sequence (as developed by Matthew Sweeney) with the intention of gaining the gift of confidence and understanding to take this practice home with you to continue your journey.


Throughout the week Senior Yoga Teacher, Eleanor Coates, will teach you Matthew Sweeney's Moon Sequence with tailored advice and support so the practice works for you at this chapter in your life.


Expect engaging dialogues, asana workshops, hands on adjustments along with pranayama and meditation techniques.


All levels of practitioners are welcome to the retreat and all are respected equally.

morning salute

Discussions and workshops on permaculture, herbalism and nutrition will teach us how we can integrate living in harmony with nature and optimise ourselves from the fruits of the land.


Kiarash's permaculture  workshops will take us on a journey exploring the ethics and twelve permaculture principles, while being shown examples of practices around the land we will call home for the week. These workshops will highlight  the intertwined nature of our interactions with our surroundings - something we feel is  relevant now than ever.


Olev's integrated nurtrition and herbalism talks will aim to give a broader understanding of how a balanced diet can support our natural healing through concious effort and engagement whilst dispelling health fads and dietry myths. We are lucky to have our meals locally sourced and prepared by fantastic vegan chefs  Kiarash and Olev!

food valley

15-22 September 2020

Torvizcon, Alpujarras, Spain


Included in costs:

Airport transfers, 3 meals a day (vegan and gluten free), 2 yoga classes a day, workshops on herbalism and permaculture, accommodation



Grenada (flights not included)



from £649 please email for more details



For all enquiries please contact Eleanor Coates on:  knowyogaretrea[email protected]

La Catitera (meaning abundance) is a 200 year old mountain side inn nestled in the heart of the enchanted Alpujarran mountains of southern Spain, where Moorish influences breathe deep with scenes of fruit trees, wild shrubs and goat herders moving across the land where sublime sunsets are a regular blessing.


The inn is a spacious, cool space with spring water flowing from the taps, 2 dining areas, 3 bathrooms, a pool area and plenty of space among the orchard for those who care to wonder and pick a fig or two.


This retreat is limited to 12 students to ensure you have quality time with Eleanor, Kiarash and Olev so you can maximise your experience, learning and knowledge.


There are options of shared rooms and a limited number of single rooms to cater for your needs and budget.

room pic for autumn retreat © Sarah Koury 26

We hope you can join us in the beautiful Spanish mountains where you can rest, restore and rebalance through yoga, nutrition and nature. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you and help create fond memories and deep insights.


With love and warmth, Eleanor, Kiarash and Olev

from £649*

*exclusive of flights