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moon sequence weekend workshop

saturday 5th & sunday 6th october


Yoga in Easton, 30 Pennywell Road, Easton, BS5 0TL

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An immersive weekend of exploring the perfect complement to your dynamic yoga practice


Having gained authorisation to be one of the few teachers based in the UK to teach Matthew Sweeney's Moon Sequence, Eleanor invites you to immerse yourself into the flow of self-exploration through the body, mind and breath over a full weekend.


This is a gentle, flowing sequence that both opens and strengthens an area we all identify with as being a challenge: the hips.


Having the luxury of a full weekend will also allow us the time to go beyond the physical and explore the fascinating realms of pranayama (breathing techniques) and dhyana (contemplation and enquiry).


Whether you are just starting on your yogic journey or whether you are a seasoned practitioner, Eleanor welcomes you along to share the benefits of this wonderful practice and some of Matthew's insightful teachings.


After a weekend of familiarising yourself with the sequence, you'll be fully equipped to integrate this into your self-practice...



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